What I do and how I can help you

The challenge

Most markets are saturated and the competition is tough. Portrait of Frederik GottschlingEven with a unique product, a very good service or an important mission, you still have to cut through the noise.

I’ll teach you how to be seen and heard – by coaching or workshops, for individuals or groups, as a one time event or as a course. Just reach out to me.

Why you should care

A strong connection to your audience helps to grow your business. It also helps you to navigate it through tough times.

A brand, a mission statement and a content pool are tools that belong in every businesses tool box. They help you to get attention and to grow or keep a connection to your audience.

The road to success is simple. Find a worthy goal, build a solid but flexible strategy and do the work.

What I do

I can help you if you or your company want’s

  • to increase visibility on the internet
  • to strategically build up a community around a service or a product
  • to activate or increase engagement with the community
  • to generate leads through community activation
  • to independently produce own content
  • to improve your existing content concept or production workflow
  • to improve your overall brand communication
  • to strategically plan and build a brand
  • to reach more or the right people to fulfill your mission
  • to train your team in all the mentioned matters

I’ll teach you how to

  • build a brand people want to connect
  • articulate a mission statement people want to join you
  • create valuable content which leads to engagement with your audience
  • connect different parts of your online presence
  • develop, produce and publish videos or podcasts

Why I do it

We face a lot of challenges and obstacles. Climate change, social injustice, waste of resources, poor education, misplaced digitalisation, you name it.

While I am not an engineer, a scientist or a product developer, I’m a story teller. Interesting and emotional stories help to connect and motivate people. And I love telling those stories. I love finding the common thread and the narrative that enable people to follow your story.

My toolbox is full of words, pictures, emotions and thoughts. I’d like to use them for good. Thoughts become words. Words leads to actions. Actions shape the world.

What do you want to change? And how can I help you?