Visionsbüro Frankfurt

What’s the challenge?

Digitalization has been disrupting and will be disrupting all kinds of business, niches and industries. Retail businesses in Frankfurt/Main are no exception.

Not just, but especially retail store owners need to change their business model, if they want to keep up in the competition with online stores and big online retail platforms. They need to shift their mindset.

They need a better online presence and they have to learn a lot of new skills.

To manage this challenge you need to build up or extend your network and you need orientation to be effective in learning and processing.

The good news – you are not alone in this.

What’s our contribution?

The “Visionsbüro Frankfurt” is a plattform for dialogue and networking, initiated by the Hessian Retail Association (Handelsverband Hessen e.V.) and the Frankfurt Economic Development Center (Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt GmbH).

It provides information, orientation and inspiration to a wide range of business topics, especially:

  • business fundamentals like brand building, retail software,
  • visibility on the internet and use of social media as a business tool
  • change management
  • retail services

Further more we connect people and let them inspire each other. Despite the impression the battle is already lost, a lot of good things happen in Frankfurt.

To help yourself, you have to help others.

What is or was my part?

  • Development of concept, common thread and content
  • Production of content (podcast interviews, best practises cases, social media posts)
  • Moderation at events (digital and in presence)