How I work

Everything is better with chocolate means Everything works better if it is fun to do it.

The process of learning works better if it is emotionally supported.

So what’s the best way to do it?

The most powerful emotion is fear. It helps you to survive. But fear isn’t good for creativity.

Use joy!

The second strongest emotion is: Joy.

Joy makes you feel good, it helps you to be relaxed, to be open for new ideas and impulses. This means: Emotionally supported learning works better. It’s the same effect you’d get, if you would eat chocolate while learning.

Joy requires planning

Attention is a fragile good. 12-20 minutes is the maximum length for modules before you need to change the modus operandi.

I prefer to get started very quickly into the practical work, combined with a few impulse talks and a lot of time to talk, reflect and interact.

For this reasons I use Session Lab to plan my workshops and courses.

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